If You Don't Live Your Life With CLEAR Intention And Purpose, 
Who Is Going To Do It For You?



M.V.P. Contract


Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY Your:
-Personal Contract With Yourself and Your Creator
How to use all of these to unlock Confidence, Clarity, and Connection

M.V.P. Contract Masterclass: Just $497

Get Confidence and Clarity NOW!

The REAL REASON You Feel "Stuck" In Your Life But Aren't Sure Why!

There Has To Be More...

Think of someone you look up to... 
Chances are, theres just "something" about them, right? 


Maybe they seem deeply connected to themselves.

Maybe they have a confidence that permeates their home life and professional life.

They live according to their own terms and not someone else's expectations

They Have a clear direction for their goals and steps to accomplish them.

Yet for some reason, You dont't!


You may have felt something calling you. 

You might not know what it is but your soul aches for it.

The "more" you seek seems just out of your reach

You can't see it, but it is in your mind daily.


Those people you look up to: is it just a coincidence they have the same things in common?!

NO! In fact, even if they don't have it written out, they know who they are,

Why they are here, and what their values are.

It's not a secret how to identify these things!



Which of these thoughts play on a loop the loudest in your head?

  • Why do I feel "stuck"?

  • Why do I second guess my self making decisions?

  • There are so many things I feel like I "should" be doing but don't have the drive!

  • What is my life going to look like in 5 years if I don't get clarity on these things?

  • Why cant I seem to break unhelpful patterns of self sabotage?


We all know that analogy of the plane that leaves

LAX for JFK and what happens if it’s just ONE degree off.


By the time it hits New York, it’s hundreds of miles off-course! 

The thing is... Drifting through life won’t just send you hundreds of miles off course…

it’ll send you to a completely different planet!


And that "unintentional drifitng" keeps so many people stuck.

The fear of wasting six months or even six years going in the wrong direction,

making the wrong choice,

Letting fear stop you from pursuing your goals… 


Or even worse, 

Allowing UNCLARITY about YOUR VALUE keep you from ever taking any action at all.

And everyone who gets stuck here — and stays stuck here —

Is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that’s

guaranteed to stop them from building a life they want. 


And the worst part? They don’t even REALIZE they’re missing something.


I have been there...


Lost in lies of my own smallness.

Dismissing my natural gifts, talents, and abilities because they came easy to me.

Not knowing what my mission or purpose was.

Downplaying my capabilities to make other people not feel bad.

Talking trash on myself cause I didnt understand the unconscious questions that were

Constantly running in the back of my mind.


This is a mistake I want to help you fix.

I spent YEARS, and THOUSANDS of dollars.

Going to seminars, reading books, hiring coaches.

Learned a LOT from every step along the way.


And now I have put all the pieces together in ONE PLACE.

I've created systems and processes and exercises to ENSURE clarity and breakthrough.

And I am going to walk you through it step by step in a group experience 

that allows you to tap into MASSIVE POWER.

And set you up with a blueprint for success.


We take a DEEP DIVE into who you REALLY are. 

Identify your values and what is important to you and why.

Uncover your subconscious question running through your brain at all times

that you didnt even know was guiding EVERY DECISION you make.

Its time for you to stop hiding your SUPERPOWERS and natural genius.

Its time for you to really get paid what you are worth by recognizing the value you bring.


This will not be concepts and ideas and principles only. 


You will experience transformation and breakthroughs, yes.

But you will leave the experience with a CONTRACT. A DOCUMENT. 


Written out and edited. 

Your own personal bible. 

Your unique MISSION.

Your chosen VALUES.

Your identified PURPOSE.

Your articulated SUPERPOWERS and GIFTS.

Your CUSTOMIZED plan for how to make decisions and be confident in any situation.

Your personal CONTRACT with yourself and your creator.

Rediscover and remember.

Let's do this.

I've Read Enough, I'm IN!



M.V.P. Contract 


Know your MISSION,
Choose your VALUES,
Live your PURPOSE

A Proven Method for Finally Being Able to Express:

-Who YOU Are, and Why You're Here 
-Exactly What Matters To You And Why 
-Your Natural Gifts & Superpowers That Should Be Getting You Paid 
-The #1 Personal Question You Can Ask Yourself At Anytime To Explode Your Confidence 

...or Your Money Back!

  • Uncover the specific characteristics that make you unique and learn HOW to use them
  • Discover how articulate the values in your life that will make every decision you face effortless
  • Finally gain the clarity  you crave of having a CLEAR sense of personal identity and sense of self.
  • Learn how to actually feel ON FIRE  with confidence having a clear direction in your life.
  • Stop drifting in life and start directing and designing with intention
  • Unlock your personal POWER and POTENTIAL by the END of the masterclass...
  • OR YOUR MONEY BACK! (no questions asked)

Go From This...

To This

The Guarantee That Makes This All
A Complete No-Brainer:

When you join us in the Masterclass, I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this experience having clearly identified your "Personal Contract"  

In other words, if you do the work, and don’t feel like your mind and heart is a freshly organized closet by the end of this class, all you need to do is email me, and I will happily refund 100% of your funds — no questions asked. PLUS you get to keep all the recordings and .pdfs! 

Why I'm Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Masterclass:

My name is Preston Pugmire,

Since starting my coaching and mentoring business 5 years ago,
I’ve helped hundreds of people shift their beliefs,
step into their power,
and make the money they want to be making.
And having premium prices allows me to attract highly committed clients! 
My 1:1 clients pay me 5 figures to work with me in a close intimate setting.
A single VIP day costs thousands.
So in regards to this Masterclass,
I don't really not offer anything this inexpensive
and chances are this program will never be this price again! 
So, why now?
Over the past few years,
I’ve seen so many people struggle with getting started on the fundamentals.
It stops them dead in their tracks. They stay stuck.
Which means if you never get this figured out,
you’ll never get to the level you want…



Which means you and I won't ever get the chance to keep working together! 
So, it’s for that reason that I want to make sure
I get this training into as many hands as possible
so I can help you get going to help others even faster.
Understanding these things is ESSENTIAL.
Being able to articulate that to others makes it EASY to really understand it yourself with confidence.
And when you finally do unlock your unique certainty,
just consider how many opportunities that will immediately unlock for you.
If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment price is just $497.  
...and remember! If you don't feel confident by the end of the training,
I'll give you your money back! So, what do you really have to lose?
And by passing up on this one-time-offer,
are you really saying that identifying your Mission, Values, & Purpose is NOT worth $497 to you?
Let's hope not! 
So, if you are ready to finally stop drifting and start designing your life intentionally,
get registered by clicking the link below and I'll see you on the other side!
Let's Do This

These people got RESULTS!

Watch what they have to say.

Ready! But is there a payment plan option?

The Nitty Gritty:

What Are we actually going to do?

This will be a 5 week Virtual Immersive EXPERIENCE with limited seating.

I want everyone to fit into a single zoom screen.

When spots are gone, they are gone

Not a sales tactic. I want this group will be small and intimate.


All calls will be LIVE and "workshop style"

This means you wont just be listening to me lecture.

You will have a pen and paper.

You will be figuring sh*# out and making progress. 

I will be there to train, guide, facilitate, and hold you accountable 

with LOVE, of course. 


If you have to miss a call (I get it, life happens)
I will send out a replay within 24 hrs and you can listen/watch/finish on your own.

There will be Pre-Training exercises you will need to complete

including taking a few personality tests and asking specific questions to some trusted people.

In order to get the most out of this, you will need to come PREPARED and OPEN. 

Ready to CREATE, DESIGN TEST your CONTRACT to make sure it resonates deeply.


ALL calls will begin at 6pm Pac / 7pm Mtn and last for about 90 min... 


Week 1: Tues Nov 8th 

CONTRACT & MISSION. Discover how to truly answer the question "Who are you?"

Learn the top three things that separate those who accomplish their goals from those that drift...

Leave this week with clarity and giving yourself permission to DECLARE your mission and LIVE it.


Week 2: Tues Nov 15th 


Identify the specific code of standards that are unique to YOU 

Learn how to leverage the ORDER of these values to create structure for making decisions with confidence.


Week 3: Tues Nov 22nd


Stop fighting against yourself and move WITH your passions

in ALIGNMENT with your purpose to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Week 4: Tues Nov 29th


Learn the traits that give you an unfair advantage when it comes to operating 

with power in the world. Dominate your days and explode your production and ability to create money by acknowledging 

the things that come effortlessly to you and the value they actually bring. This is mind EXPANDING!


Week 5: Tues Dec 6th 


There is a question you are ALWAYS asking in the back of your mind. It is invisible to you. 

When you can uncover it, harness it, and REFINE it, you can UNLOCK a world of possibilities 

and shift the trajectory of every moment. Sounds too good to be true?

Not if you're intentional about it.

You get lifetime access to all the call replays and worksheets forever.

Stop drifting, start designing. 

Theres already something you know you could do if only you could let go of your limitations and live in alignment with YOUR truth. 

You dont NEED me or this program to figure these things out. Its just so much effing faster and easier...

Lets get into it.


I want to create my Contract!
Show me the Payment Plan Option


M.V.P. Contract


Regular Price: $997

Your Price Today: $497

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Im READY, Let's split it up

You know you want to step into clarity, 

But sometimes, you gotta do it at a slightly different pace.

I get it. I choose this option myself on lots of stuff.
We are all humans.
So heres a payment plan option for you. 


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